EarthGlobe V0.9

After having the development version partly finished and floating on my desktop for most of this year I'm finally finding some spare time to try and finish it off. EarthGlobe is a real-time, OpenGL rendered globe. Designed as a sister application to MoonDock - it provides a lightweight view of the Earth day-light/seasonal cycles and takes up few system resources so it can be left running on your desktop. A preview 0.9 version is available from the links below, features are still subject to change - your feedback would be much appreciated. Update: Yes, sorry, EarthGlobe has been in a 'preview' mode for quite a while now, there are some new features in the works, and there will be Universal builds for you Intel Mac owners. 140Kb download (MD5 = 54929a3d0df9c390b79e5c430503f40d)

MoonDock V1.2.3

MoonDock, a lightweight application designed for displaying up-to-date images of the Moon phase in your system MacOS X Dock or as a floating Moon image on your desktop. MoonDock also enables you to examine phase information for specific dates and times between 2001 and 2015. If you are an amateur astronomer, learning about the night sky or would just like to have the Moon on your desktop this is for you. 1.9Mb download (MD5 = e109bc47ead10b99eaaecbb0ad6affdc)

MoonDock Help Click for full documentation on-line (includes additional screen shots)

What's New in Version 1.2.3

AsteroidsQC V0.9

AsteroidsQC is intended as a developer example, primarily using Quartz Composer as a game prototyping tool, and using Blender for the 3D sprites. AsteroidsQC requires you have Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.x or above installed. If you also want to play around with the source .qtz file you'll need Quartz Composer installed (available as part of Apple's free developer tools). The file is a fully playable, raster version of the classic 1979 Asteroids game from Atari. I've tried to keep to the original game-play, so watch out for the small saucers - they can be crafty little blighters ;-) Quartz Composer doesn't have any sound playback ability so this is currently a mute example. I plan to add sound (and some other player friendly features) to the currently very basic Cocoa app bundle version available below. Have fun, let me know what you think. Hopefully I'll get some time together to do some more fun experiments like this. 4449Kb download (MD5 =fa8b90f079db327d0c3f53cac7261f84 ) 4320Kb download (MD5 =45b6fd0d5ad3f4f55eec240b893c34ec )

Contact Information

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